Who’s fooling who? – Apr 13

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December 18, 2014
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December 18, 2014

Who’s fooling who? – Apr 13

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By Vernon Khelawan

Maybe we need a few more Keith Patricks in this Archdiocese. From all reports, Keith, in a “tell it like it is” delivery at the Lenten Outreach Panyard Crusade in Petit Valley, set the tone for serious introspection by all Catholics as he waded into those lukewarm Catholics who go through the motions in an attempt “to mamaguy God”. This gives rise to the question: Who is fooling who?

Keith is not alone in his admonitions. I have heard people speak of Catholics who regard their Sunday Holy Mass obligation as a gas station – they pull in, full up and take off – until time to fill up again next week Sunday. And, there is what is perceived to be a shortened version of the Mass, described by some as the “microwave” Mass.

But Keith Patrick is so right. There are many Catholics in this country who try to fool God by pretending to be a “true member”, but who in reality are obfuscations of our rich faith. It has gone so far that there are many who truly feel that if they contribute enough financially to their parish and archdiocesan needs, their salvation is assured.

This situation puts unequivocally into focus the dire need for the Third Pastoral Priority. While many are inclined to criticise the lack of moral values in the society, citing the lack of respect for life and the law, caused more than likely by the breakdown of family life, many more are looking the other way when it comes to spiritual values.

Spiritual values have diminished, including in some of our Catholic schools. Our homes, to a large extent, are no longer places where Jesus Christ is the “welcome guest”.

Keith Patrick, true to his baptism, has spoken with evangelistic fervour. Let us hope that his message hits home and jolts us all into living our faith more fully, in the spirit and joy of Easter.