Resolve to help change T&T – Jan 5, 2014

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Resolve to help change T&T – Jan 5, 2014

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By Vernon Khelawan

As Roman Catholics, our essential desire is to have union with God. Such a relationship allows us to live a life of inner peace and love. So as we near the end of the first week of 2014 and as tradition would have it we are fully into the “resolution” season, I hope that spirituality has played a major role in this year’s exercise.

By now all those noble resolutions should have been made – all the mundane pledges to self: I resolve to stop smoking; to stop drinking (maybe not as much); to stop bad-talking colleagues or neighbours; to obey road signs; and hopefully some would have resolved to become better Catholics.

With the present state of our country, might it not be a good idea to resolve to do what we can to bring some kind of change to our society? The Third Pastoral Priority – Regenerating Moral and Spiritual Values in our Society – speaks loudly to this situation.

If the parishes and their various ministries could propose some strategies that would promote efforts to change the prevailing attitudes among the citizenry, we may well be on the way. We have lost the common touch. There is no longer any respect for persons or anything for that matter. It is all about “I”.

Check it for yourself. How many people would pass you on the street every day and never even growl a greeting. Even in our own neighbourhoods that age old concept of “It takes a village to raise a child” has disappeared and good manners are fighting to make a comeback in day-to-day encounters.

It may be better not to even venture down the road of dress. Women, as well as school-age girls, are vying to see who can show more skin, while the young men seem to be advertising some kind of soap powder by exposing their boxers.

This is the situation we face as we begin 2014 and it has become imperative that the Church pay attention to arresting the decline by embarking on a serious journey to have our young and even older people pause and take stock of their spiritual and moral values.

When parish plans are presented at the end of the month let’s hope that there will be a lot to think about and implement.

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