An invaluable resolution – Dec 27

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December 18, 2014
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December 18, 2014

An invaluable resolution – Dec 27

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By Vernon Khelawan

As we expectantly await the entrance of the New Year, some of us with a measure of trepidation and others with a sense of great optimism, it might be a good time to begin to tickle our thoughts about the Synod-mandated Third Pastoral Priority.

As part of this society, some of us may want to describe this past year as disastrous. What with the regular reports of child abuse, daily murders, broken families and the general lawlessness that abounds in our daily living. Taking this into consideration, it is imperative as Catholics that we focus on developing strategies which will help regenerate the moral and spiritual values so desperately needed in Trinidad and Tobago.

Regenerating Moral and Spiritual Values in our Society must be seen as the responsibility of every single Roman Catholic in this Archdiocese. The question may be asked: How do we start out on this road?

Maybe we can begin by loving our neighbour. Blessed Pope John Paul II once said, “The vocation to perfect love is not restricted to a small group. It is meant for everyone…” – and it is most certainly meant for all of us in this Archdiocese.

We are in the middle of the Christmas season – one of goodwill, love and charity. Sure, we did what we usually do. We gave presents to our friends and family and maybe co-workers. We ensured that nieces and nephews got loads of toys. We probably donated generously towards the poor and needy in our parishes to bring some Christmas cheer to them.

All this is really great. But what’s next? Do we stop the love and caring when the season fades into history, or do we pledge to help with the awesome task of rebuilding a society with high moral and spiritual values? This is the time for resolutions and here’s an opportunity to make one for values.

A line from an old Christmas song seems to encapsulate what is needed to be done to achieve our goal: “It’s not the things you do at Christmas time, but the Christmas things you do all year through.”