Archbishop at St Clair – Nov 11

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December 18, 2014

Archbishop at St Clair – Nov 11

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His Grace Archbishop Joseph Harris underwent surgery today (Monday, November 11) at the St Clair Medical Centre, Port of Spain, to treat a prostate disorder. Providing an update at 4.30 p.m. today, Auxiliary Bishop Msgr Robert Llanos said: “Surgery on Archbishop Joseph Harris has gone well and the attending surgeon Mr Leon Lilas is pleased with the outcome of the surgery to this point. The operation took four hours.”

“Mr” is a title reserved for medical consultants. Mr Lilas is a urologist and Lecturer in Urological Surgery at the Faculty of Medical Sciences at UWI.

It is expected that Archbishop Harris will take three weeks to one month to recuperate from the surgery.

A further update will be given in a couple of days’ time.

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