Let’s make school days happy days – Sep 1

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Let’s make school days happy days – Sep 1

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Revitalising Catholic culture and identityBy Vernon Khelawan

Schools reopen tomorrow morning, a happy event for most children but a possibly worrisome one for parents. So the children are all ready and eager to go with their new uniforms, new books, new shoes and new bags – but are they spiritually ready? Did we take time during the last two months to discuss with them the art of praying or the fundamentals of social/community life? The home is where children begin to understand their role in our society, tormented as it may be at this time.

Were we able to instil in them the simple values of sharing, being kind to one another, being forgiving, being loving, as mandated by the Commandments? Have we taught them to be respectful to their teachers and their peers? Have we taught them to be honest in their examinations and to not cheat?

Years ago these values were taught in the home. Today, the world demands that both parents work, leaving them with less quality time with their children. Then there is the situation of single parents, which makes parenting doubly difficult. In this Year of Faith, parents must become even more conscious of their responsibility to teach their children, sparing no effort to regale them with the basics of our religion in the hope that they produce better Catholics, with greater knowledge of our Catholic faith.

And, as the school year begins, principals and teachers are reminded of the goal proposed by Dr Roland Baptiste, Chairman of the Catholic Education Board of Management (CEBM), when he addressed Catholic school principals during a retreat in Tobago last July. Let us make our schools “the best in the world”, he urged.

If principals and teachers take to heart what is at stake, we can expect a Herculean effort in this school year as all concerned move towards restoring our schools to the top of the education system. At the same time, we will ensure that our young ones can truly say: “School days are happy days.”

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