Let’s make a good mess – Aug 18

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December 18, 2014
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Let’s make a good mess – Aug 18

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Revitalising Catholic Culture and IdentityBy Vernon Khelawan

It had to happen! It is impossible to avoid digital technology as we move to continue spreading the Good News as mandated by the New Evangelisation. But a single week of dealing with the digital tools, as happened at the recent annual Caribbean School for Catholic Communications (CSCC), could never be enough.

Church leaders must now build on the possibility planted by the CSCC and set up classroom-type training programmes for the youth of the Archdiocese, so they can take the lead in spreading the Word. This of course does not rule out participation by the older generations who comfortably accept the digital challenge. Through their pastoral councils, they can embrace such training programmes and run with them.

Let’s face it. Digital is the world of the future and the Church in the 21st Century can’t keep doing things the way we have done them for decades. While the digital tide will not altogether sweep away the tried and tested methods of spreading the Gospel, we must be mindful that the work of building the Kingdom does not lessen even with all the new technology.

Those anxious to bridge the digital divide must be given the opportunity to do so, while there must be acceptance for those who want no part of it. The people of God must understand that it is necessary for each to work alongside the other for the sake of the Kingdom.

The New Evangelisation does not declare any preference for any particular method, just so long as the job gets done.

With Pope Francis shaking up the universal Church, our Archdiocese can take a hint from his recent message to the hundreds of thousands of youth gathered in Rio de Janeiro, “Go home and make a mess.”

If this “mess” is accepted as revitalising the Church in the Caribbean, then let’s get on with the job.