Play mas, but don’t ‘go there’ – Feb 3

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Play mas, but don’t ‘go there’ – Feb 3

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Revitalising Catholic Culture and IdentityBy Vernon Khelawan

Eight days away from the start of the reign of the Merry Monarch and the country is heating up as masqueraders prepare to let loose on the streets of the main cities, towns and villages.

It is usually a period when caution is thrown to the wind as people go all out to enjoy themselves and altogether have a “good time”. In the past two decades or so the celebrations – parties, Carnival shows and the street parade and calypsoes – on too many occasions have sunk into the abyss of debauchery.

As good Catholics we must show we can play mas’, fully enjoying ourselves, without “going there”.

For more than 150 years Trinbagonians have celebrated Carnival and Catholics have always been part of those celebrations and many of its customs and traditions have become embedded in our local Church culture.

In its evolution, we now have our school children, (primary and secondary) “beating pan” as part of a steelband, singing calypsos and wowing spectators with their presentations in the Junior Parade of the Bands. This only shows that Catholic Culture and Identity is alive and jumping and waving in our Archdiocese.

Judgemental I am not, but I continue to find it difficult to come to terms with the ridiculous behaviour of so many involved in the Carnival. The school of thought which claims that it serves as a “destresser”, is one I am not prepared to buy. I consider that as an excuse to become excessively vulgar.
Maybe if bandleaders were to offer patrons a wider selection of costumes, this would go a long way in effecting a better balance between the beads, bikini and feathers and the flowing capes, colourful, airy tops and loose fitting pants or skirts that do not prevent revellers from enjoying a good jump-up.
Bandleaders argue that beads n’ bikinis are what the masqueraders want and so they give it to them, but there are others who are willing to play costumed mas’…so!
In this area, The Word and Associates lead the way. This year their presentation Leviticus is a bigger band and the word (no pun intended) is they are looking to cop the Medium Band of the Year title again.
Good luck!

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