Archbishop Anthony Pantin Awards 2012 – Dec 11

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Archbishop Anthony Pantin Awards 2012 – Dec 11

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Archbishop Anthony Pantin AwardsThirty one persons from different religious persuasions on Sunday evening received the Archbishop Anthony Pantin Award (AAP), created by the Roman Catholic Church in Trinidad Tobago to pay tribute to those in society who showed commitment to serving the “common good”.

“Common good” was a mantra of the late Archbishop, who led the Archdiocese of Port of Spain for 32 years (1968-2000). He was the first local Archbishop. PHOTO GALLERY

Addressing the audience at the Fatima College auditorium, Archbishop Joseph Harris said, ”Archbishop Pantin left us a legacy, that legacy has to be transmitted, has to be handed on to our children and grandchildren. But that can only be done in the measure that our lives reflect those values.”

In his turn, Monsignor Cuthbert Alexander, Vicar for Communications and head of Catholic Media Services Limited (CAMSEL), said, “I seem to hear of several award ceremonies this year in our country, And that’s good. For one thing, they run counter to the many messages – too often negative – that are disseminated today; messages that do not build up; that do not promote the good things about our people. We have had through these awards an opportunity to put a different message out there, using the same media and its technology which can be used to harm others, to tell another kind of story.”

The recipients included priests, nuns, choirs and lay individuals in five categories. Highest number of awards was in the Social Work and Community Development category which totalled 12 including two posthumously.

Second highest number of awards was in the Education category which had nine recipients including two Holy Ghost (Spiritan) priests, Frs Arthur Lai Fook and Michel De Verteuil and a nun, Sr Catherine McComie.

Popular musician Roger Boothman and choir leader Bernadette Scott as well as the Marionettes Choir copped awards in the Music and Creative Arts category, while two other singing groups, The Love Movement and the Maria Alonzo Goretti Group received awards for Youth Development.

The category Religious Harmony, truly reflected its name with two former IRO heads receiving awards – Brother Noble Khan and Pundit Bramdeo Maharaj, as well as the late Presbyterian priest Fr Cyril Paul. A single Roman Catholic – Olive Brooks – received an award in this category.


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