Disclaimer from the Catholic Church re TT’s Draft Gender Policy – Nov 29

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Disclaimer from the Catholic Church re TT’s Draft Gender Policy – Nov 29

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On Saturday 24thNovember, 2012 an article in the Express reported that Hon. Marlene Coudray, Minister of Gender, Youth and Child Development, had announced to the media on Friday 23 November, 2012 at the installation of the new members of the Adoption Board, that Cabinet on Thursday 22 November, 2012, had approved a gender policy and a youth policy and that within the next two weeks more information would be forthcoming.

The Express article stated, inter alia: “Back in June former Minister of Gender, Youth and Child Development Verna St Rose-Greaves had said a draft document which she described as a ‘rich’ document on gender policy would have been presented to Cabinet. That draft was said to have been compiled after consultations with stakeholders, including the Inter-Religious Organisation (IRO).”

Fr Martin Sirju represents the Catholic Church on the IRO and wishes to make it clear that he has never been consulted on any Draft Gender Policy. To this date he has never received a copy of a Draft Gender Policy. Given the importance of such a Policy for our country, it is imperative that key stakeholders, such as the various Faith Communities in Trinidad and Tobago, are consulted.

It is understood that a draft National Sexual and Reproductive Health Policy 2012 has also been developed. It is also imperative that there should be proper consultation on this draft Policy also.

The Catholic Church would welcome such policies, provided that they are based on morals and values that recognise the dignity of each human person and the sanctity of life and will build the common good.

We issue this disclaimer in the hope that the aforementioned draft Policies will be made available to the Catholic Church and to other stakeholders as part of a proper consultation process.

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