Well done, Santa Rosa – Aug 5

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Well done, Santa Rosa – Aug 5

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Revitalising Catholic Culture and IdentityBy Vernon Khelawan

“Do something nice for Jesus”. Somehow or the other that slogan has a special kind of ring to it when meaningfully uttered by Christians. I don’t know if it’s because there’s a tit-for-tat dimension to it. Jesus Christ does nice things for us, therefore reciprocally, we should do something nice for Him.

The Santa Rosa parish in Arima has adopted the slogan as the theme for the continued observance of the Archdiocesan Second Synod Priority Revitalising Catholic Culture and Identity and are now in the midst of finalising plans for an ongoing programme using the tag “Do something nice for Jesus”.

According to Santa Rosa Dateline, the parish newsletter, the programme will entail some everyday activity and involve parishioners in a deliberate attempt to do or say something in the right way.

Giving an example, the newsletter exhorted, “For example, can we commit ourselves for one day to driving decently on our roads and observing all traffic laws.” It urged parishioners to remain committed to the theme and to a particular commitment for one month.

The initiative began last Wednesday (August 01) and parishioners are being urged to challenge themselves every month with some other similar effort to continue to do “something nice for Jesus”.

The parish also plans to supply journals to those who are willing to participate in the exercise, so that parishioners can keep a record of their progress.

Santa Rosa has to be commended for this initiative and it is hoped that the entire diocese will soon follow its lead and either latch on to the idea, or come up with similar initiatives, since an activity of this kind really does not take much to execute.

More than that, this exercise may prove most valuable in encouraging persons to return to solid Gospel values. Daily, we see in Trinidad and Tobago the results of an ever-expanding loss of our sense of values and a loss of respect for almost everybody and everything. Programmes like this one can assist in redeveloping a sense of proper discipline.

So what do we say? Shall we do something nice for Jesus? Yes, we will…today, tomorrow and the next day and…

Well done Santa Rosa!