More joyful noises – Apr 29

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More joyful noises – Apr 29

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Revitalising Catholic Culture and IdentityBy Vernon Khelawan

Given the ongoing cultural activity taking place in our Archdiocese, it is clear that Catholics are not afraid to show off the Catholic tradition. Parish groups, schools and individuals have gone to great lengths to ensure that the Second Pastoral Priority – Revitalising Catholic Culture and Identity – is successfully implanted in the psyche of the Archdiocese, in the first instance, and by extension the national community.

All over the Archdiocese, there have been very potent and impacting displays of Catholicism spanning the entire age spectrum. The children have contributed and continue to do so within the schools’ walls as well as on the streets. Teenagers and young adults are doing their part, while the adults, in the various parish groups and ministries, have been very innovative in organising events that represent much of the rich cultural traditions of the Catholic Church.

While much of this activity has been on the quiet side, the Make a Joyful Noise concert series which began earlier this month at NAPA and then went to the Naparima Bowl, received great acclamation and generated much discourse. The series, the brainchild of Archbishop Joseph Harris, was organised by a high-powered team of persons, whose expertise in the various cultural fields cannot be questioned.

Joyful noises will continue to reverberate from these concerts over the next few weeks when they are staged in Chaguanas (today _ April 29), Trincity (May 6) and Tobago (May 20).

But, the momentum is likely to continue. A peek at upcoming activities reveals that plans are afoot for many more public events with a definite Catholic flavour, which are expected to receive the generous support of many, as they pursue the revitalisation of Catholic culture and identity.

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