Let’s make a joyful noise – Mar 25

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Let’s make a joyful noise – Mar 25

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Revitalising Catholic Culture and IdentityBy Vernon Khelawan

Make a joyful noise and let its strains revitalise our Catholic culture and identity. This is the message the Church hopes to convey with its planned two-month long series of six concerts, with the theme Make a joyful noise, set to begin April 12 at venues throughout the country.

On the one hand, these concerts will present a cultural mix of the many and varied facets of the nation’s cultural menu that serve to truly identify our people. But the Church will embrace the opportunity to demonstrate the interrelationship between our rich cultural heritage and the Catholic way of life, so moving us to achieve the goal of the Archdiocesan Pastoral Priority, “Revitalising Catholic Culture and Identity”.

At the official launch of the concert series, Archbishop Harris said the Church supported and celebrated the arts as “one of the things that unites us deeply”. He added that the Church wanted to celebrate the things which unite us, and which would in turn enable us to live better.

“Make a joyful noise,” therefore is the Church’s way of saying “all are welcome” to join us Catholics as we sing, as we dance and enjoy and experience and share in all our creative talents, which are all God-given.

Msgr Allan Ventour, in delivering his address to the Synod on the Pastoral Priority and the Catholic worldview said God “has blessed us here in Trinidad and Tobago, in a very special way. He has given us the steel-pan, which is a truly fascinating musical instrument … The pan and the other forms of music all point beyond themselves”.

Let us join in making a joyful noise that will resound throughout the nation and bring about the revitalisation of our Catholic culture and identity.