Our mission – our identity – Oct 9

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Our mission – our identity – Oct 9

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Revitalising Catholic Culture and Identity“Jesus is the way, the truth and the life ……” In following Him we seek our identity as Christians, making His lifestyle and mission our own.

Culture is a very broad and complex term, which refers to a range of learned behaviours. It is used to spread and nurture a people’s knowledge about their attitude towards life.

As Catholics, we are not totally defined by culture but by divine revelation of the Only Begotten Son. As the people of God, we strive to be models of missionary action. As Catholics, our missionary method is based on prayer, with the adoration of the Eucharist at the centre of our prayer activity.

The Eucharist binds us as a people. It is a source of unity that identifies us from other denominations. It is the pillar of our Catholic culture and identity – a living testimony to our faith and to the mission of Jesus.

In this secular world, it is our Christian Catholic voice that sets us apart, as we look towards Christ and the Cross as hope for the future – a future grounded in moral and spiritual values.

Our Catholic Church is a unique community with Christian beliefs and ideals. She is, by nature, missionary because she has her origin in the mission of the Son and from the mission of the Holy Spirit.

The missionary activity of the Church must be a continuous process and it is necessary for all of us to work to support the Church as a centre of spiritual life for the faithful, sparing no effort to build, nourish and sustain greater unity, stronger family life and increased love and charity to our fellow man.

By no means are we isolated from our world, its challenges and cultural tenets, but our focus, strengthened by our history, theology and rooted in our rich traditions, leads us along a different path – a Jesus route, a journey illuminated by Him who is the light of all nations. – Pontifical Mission Societies

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