Our unique worldview – Sep 11

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Our unique worldview – Sep 11

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Culture has the power to influence how people think, feel, act, react or are even opened or closed to the truth. Globalisation has brought all cultures together and the Church now operates in all. Some are life-giving, some are not. Some are consistent with underlying God-inspired COVENANT culture and others are not. Maybe some are somewhere on a continuum – “in-between”. Thus, there is a need for continuous discernment and evangelisation to maintain, preserve and further penetrate an overriding covenant culture.

As Catholics, our history and theology have helped build our peculiar culture. This has powerfully defined us with a sense of identity – a belonging intrinsic to understanding ourselves in terms of others. Unless we understand and know ourselves, we cannot share and become what we are called.

The Catholic worldview is sacramental. Through the Incarnation, the world and its elements are restored, elevated and sacred. We must not flee or avoid it. We must be the salt and the light to all nations. We must use the elements (things) of the world freely, responsibly and joyfully to accomplish his mission of peace, unity and harmony.

As Catholics, we also see ourselves as Easter people. The Incarnate Word entered the tomb and broke the bond of death on all humankind. This victory and sacrifice are kept together (see Rev 5:6) in the celebration of the Eucharist – the source and summit of unity and harmony identifying with what God always wanted for the world.

As Eucharistic people, this affects how we pray, live and act in the ordinariness of life.

Evangelisation – the very fabric of everyone’s call – is the response of our baptismal promise. It is everyone’s business.

Creating evangelising parishes through evangelising teams will then be the only way forward. Forming strategic alliances with all other consultative commissions/bodies and parishes will ensure a holistic intervention.

The Evangelisation Commission must now spearhead this change-culture management and provide a strong agency-type operation to support, equip, guide and encourage all who are enthused and engaged in facilitating the ministry of evangelisation at ground level.

Evangelisation in a Catholic context remains a process experienced in a unique way. It is at the heart of one’s call and the Church’s life. We must turn “new ardour into new methods and means” (Blessed John Paul II). It must touch every strata of human engagement and it is for this reason we all exist. – Evangelisation Commission

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