A work of love – Sep 4

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December 18, 2014
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A work of love – Sep 4

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Revitalising Catholic Culture and IdentityIn committing to the principles of Catholic Culture and Identity, it is necessary, first of all, to understand and appreciate the meaning of the word “culture” and seek to internalise how the cultural dynamics forge “identity”. The religious who function in the emerging society that is Trinidad and Tobago must have clear vision, mission and focus and be grounded in catholicity.

As faith-based communities/organisations we can participate in and contribute to development and renewal of our Church by continuing to dialogue with other members of the Church about the Catholic Christian mission and our part in it. We will work in a professional and compassionate manner, demonstrating Gospel values, the foundation on which our Church rests, and partnering with all who can assist us in achieving our objectives.

If we are to fulfil the tasks necessary to respond to this pastoral priority, we will need to draw upon the help of like-minded individuals and organisations in a communicative exercise. By appropriate use of language and ritual, we the religious will assist in revitalising Catholic culture and identity clearly, concisely and consistently.

The religious, in a continuing dialogue with others about the Christian mission and our part in it, understand that as a key part of the life of the Church we are to offer “organised love”, as Pope Benedict XVI mandated in his recent writings. The Pope teaches that our place of service causes us to interact with the wider society and concretises the primary role and particular responsibility of the laity.

The Religious Commission, in promoting Catholic culture and identity recognises, therefore, that the way of being Catholic rests also on the mission of the laity, providing community service and engaging with the wider society, so that through our “organised love” we can spread the Gospel values.

Since people make plans come alive, the task requires recruitment with its many processes. The services that the religious provide are people-centred. They offer to all qualities of hope, compassion, respect, dignity, justice and spiritual nourishment and strengthen our Catholic culture and identity. – Commission for Religious