Revitalising Catholic Culture and Identity – Jun 19

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December 18, 2014
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December 18, 2014

Revitalising Catholic Culture and Identity – Jun 19

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Each parish is invited to prayerfully reflect on the seven Resolutions for Catholic Culture and Identity (see below). Through this reflection and the conversation that follows from it, we ask that each parish select any two Resolutions and Resolution #4 to work with until December 2012

Goal: That our Eucharistic worldview, our daily living and our celebrations are in the service of building a culture and identity that keeps the “memory of Jesus” alive; Jesus who died to gather all who were scattered.

1. Be it resolved that the Archdiocese, at all levels, reaffirm Sunday as the Lord’s day to “rediscover with new intensity, the meaning of Sunday; its mystery, its celebration, its significance for Christian and human life”

2. Be it resolved that throughout the Archdiocese our identity as a Eucharistic people be continually promoted using all means available.

3. Be it resolved that our catechesis promote Eucharist as an invitation to communion, solidarity, conversion and mission.

*4. Be it resolved that in every parish the celebration of liturgy build harmony amongst the People of God, encourage full, conscious, active participation and aspire to the highest possible standards of Catholic music, art and architecture expressing our Catholic Caribbean identity.

5. Be it resolved that the inculturation of the faith be actively promoted in every area of Church life.

6. Be it resolved that biblical spirituality be foundational in the ongoing Catholic faith formation and parish renewal.

7. Be it resolved that our formation programme be so constructed that the elements of our faith that are uniquely Catholic, capture the imagination of our people.

Taken from Third Sitting of Archdiocesan Synod at the Centre of Excellence, Macoya
January 23, 24, 30, 31, 2009

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