Keeping up with the technology – Apr 10

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Keeping up with the technology – Apr 10

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By Vernon Khelawan

Over the past several months this column has endeavoured to encourage Catholics to become involved in the great vocation of evangelisation and the very many methods so to do. In the world of today it would be remiss of me if I did not pay some attention to the advantages of what the world now calls “new media”.

Over the last decade or two, the computer and the attendant technology has in no small way revolutionised the world of communications. Its impact has been felt across the globe and while the heated debate continues unabated on its advantages and disadvantages, the world continues to embrace the technology to further all the various ends.

What in fact all these innovations have done and continue to do, is provide evangelists with more modern communication tools and methodologies with which to spread the Good News. One can sit at his/her computer and send evangelisation messages to hundreds of people.

Are you aware there are versions of the Bible on all the various smart phones, your iPad, and of course on your computer? There are bibles for the Amazon ‘Kindle’ and Barnes and Noble’s ‘Nook’- two very popular e-readers.

These are all new ways which can be used to better plan and execute the new evangelisation.

Further assistance in new evangelisation can be gained through the social networks Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, to name just a few. The popularity of these media makes it so much easier for persons to chat with each other that it would be disingenuous not to make use of these capabilities.

Our Archdiocese has not been left behind in all this technology update and you are being encouraged to try, the archdiocese’s newest social networking platform, which is bringing together Catholic parishes in an entirely new way.

Visit the Archdiocesan web portal – – and you will find the Archdiocesan website, as well as your Catholic News and the Commission for Social Justice Under development but available for access is the Archdiocesan Catechetical Office, And don’t forget to visit the archdiocese Facebook page,

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