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Making a difference – Mar 13

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I cringed when I was told about it. Some creative mind, writing copy for a radio commercial decided that no longer should Ash Wednesday be referred to as such, but rather it should be renamed Carnival Wednesday. It was a commercial promoting a fete at the luxury Hyatt Hotel on Wrightson Road, Port of Spain.

Genesis 1 on stage at the Queen’s Park Savannah Carnival Tuesday evening. Raymond Syms photo

Should I have been surprised? Not really. Christianity is going through a truly tough time these days. Moreover, it shows the kind of challenges being faced by the New Evangelisation crusade. That anyone, creative mind or not, should even think about disrespecting such a great and traditional Christian observance is enough to define the sad state of our society.

Say what you may, a lot of Roman Catholics and Christians generally, take their Lenten season seriously practising definitive acts of abstinence or via promises to themselves to become better Catholics, through greater charitable acts, or simply by being more prayerful, if only for the 40-day period.

The disrespect for Ash Wednesday however, did not start last year. Remember how welcome the Maracas Bay Ash Wednesday Cool Down was, when it was first introduced many years ago. There was no protest. Little or nothing was said. Soon all the good beaches around the country were venues for “cool downs” until the authorities clamped down on them.

About the carnival! The bikini ‘n beads promoters were out in their numbers flaunting and fleshing as they continue to degrade what could be a really fantastic celebration, with their vulgar display of body contortions.

Curiously, but surprisingly however, an unscientific poll conducted on one of the local TV stations Carnival Tuesday night during its news programme and which asked the question: “Did the Catholic band make a difference to the Carnival?” revealed that 67 percent of the persons who voted, believed it had done so.

This should give great encouragement to Rev Derek Walcott and his crew and generate the confidence to continue in their quest to bring change to the celebrations while at the same time offering great opportunity for evangelisation. -Vernon Khelawan

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