A message in calypso – Mar 6

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December 18, 2014
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A message in calypso – Mar 6

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By Vernon Khelawan

Carnival, as we are all aware, is a time when inhibitions are thrown out the window and people, stressed or otherwise bothered, “free up” themselves for the 40- plus hours allowed for the street parade.

Many of our Catholic schools and some parishes participate fully in the Carnival celebrations with their own calypso contests, ole mas’ and costume parades and jump up, which serve to help our young people understand the true meaning of celebration.

Two Fridays ago Our Lady of Fatima, Curepe put on a Carnival show titled “Blessed 2” in which there was a calypso component. It was won by a nine-year-old Danielle Makoonsingh, a student from St Xavier’s Private School in St Joseph. She delivered a song written by one of this Archdiocese’s most prolific songwriters and musicians – Stephan Khelawan.

It spoke to the way our young people dress today, even to come to church. Space constraints prevent reproduction of the entire song, so here’s the chorus:

Backless, strapless, armless

Is everything less

Short pants, short top, short dress

You couldn’t care less

Thin strap, low front, low waist

All over the place

Long slit, tight fit, fine lace

Oh what a disgrace

Low rider, navel breaker

You whole self you does show

Come on people hear my plea now

Let some respect flow

And always remember wherever you go

Dress code in effect.

The message is clear, the plea is straightforward and it strikes at the heart of the theme Catholic Family: Become What You Are. Calypso, another of the many diverse ways that the process of evangelisation can be carried out.

Have happy and safe Carnival!