Not just for a special few – Feb 13

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Not just for a special few – Feb 13

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Evangelisation, we will all agree, can take place in many different ways; some methods can prove to be quite easy, but there can also be some difficult situations. In the end however, the results can be awesome.

One of the elements of achieving successful evangelisation results is support – support from all believers. Reading from a booklet “Living Faith” recently, I came upon a small story which read in part, “We need the support of other believers in our own life of faith. We gather to help each other to be better than we are.”

Hebrews (10:24-25) says, “We must consider how to rouse one another to love and good works. We should not stay away from our assembly, as is the custom of some, but encourage one another…”

If we do some introspection and examine the behaviours of many believers in this Archdiocese, we would find many similarities as articulated above. Church committees, whose members when not being petty during discussions, can be very arrogant.

People say such behaviour is not unexpected in other societal organisations, but from Church groups, when it happens, could prove quite demoralising. In fact, you would be quite surprised when you recognise the personages from which such behaviour emanates. Unlike the norm in society where class and status abound, in the Lord we are all special.

The writer of that poignant little story stated, “Like it or not, people of faith are still just people, with all their flaws. Are they hypocrites? If, so, then I’m in good company. I am just as imperfect and sinful as the next person. And this is the reason we gather – not because we are perfect and good, but precisely because we are not.”

Evangelisation therefore, is not entrusted to a special few. We can all do the necessary work of evangelising – some maybe a little better than others.

Reminds me of a little saying stuck on the wall of a colleague’s cubicle in large type in the CAMSEL office which reads, “Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian anymore than standing in a garage makes you a car.” Vernon Khelawan

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