Changing the face of Carnival – Jan 9

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Changing the face of Carnival – Jan 9

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In a bold move a group of Catholics mostly from the Western districts of the Northern Vicariate, are focussed on changing the face of Carnival.

They hope to do this through actively participating in the mas’ by organising a street production titled “Genesis 1 – CREATION”. This daring move certainly offers myriad opportunities for evangelisation.

Although Catholics have been associated with Carnival for decades, the concept of members of a parish “bringing out” a Carnival band is brand new to the country; its very presence on the streets on Carnival Monday and Tuesday can send a powerful message to the country, and be used as a vehicle of evangelisation.

For years the Church has repeatedly commented on the deterioration of the annual celebration through the high emphasis placed on the increasing popularity of lewd dancing, dirty music lyrics, as well as the rapidly decreasing presence of body coverage worn by masqueraders – skimpy bikinis, and plenty beads and feathers.

Band organisers are placing great emphasis on making “Genesis 1- CREATION” a family affair and as their media release puts it “crossing the generational gap” by encouraging the participation of children.

Because the mission of the band is “to bring family, values-based fun back into the celebration”, evangelisation is a natural extension of that mission and it is imperative that band members take advantage of the opportunities which will be presented.

Interestingly and of great consequence is that the organisers have given the assurance that the message they’re sending was not a “one-off” one, since they plan to continue the project every year. – Vernon Khelawan

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