From Christmas to Carnival – Jan 2, 2011

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From Christmas to Carnival – Jan 2, 2011

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There is no reason to doubt that all the New Year resolutions have once again been made, along with the most serious promises they would be fulfilled in their entirety. It is hoped that among those many resolutions, there is one that stands out – a pledge to sustain the evangelisation thrust which experienced a good run during the year just gone by.

The theme “Catholic Family; Become What You Are” was actually played out in several different scenarios during the year in many of our parishes. To ensure continued success in the New Evangelisation thrust which was initiated last year, the resolutions must not only be made, but carried out to the full.

And as we wind down the hectic Christmas season and reminisce on the joyful experiences brought on by our unique seasonal cuisine and the cultural mix of traditional parang and soca parang music, it is necessary to reflect on the past year and what role each of us played in meeting the evangelisation challenge.

Were we successful? If the answer is yes, then congratulate yourself and set out on another path for the New Year.

If however, we are not fully satisfied with the impact our efforts has made on our several environments – Church community, neighbourhood, workplace – and if it is recognised that we did not achieve what we thought we could have, then let us shoulder the responsibility and resolve to make an even greater effort in 2011.

As we make the transition from Christmas to Carnival it must be borne in mind that the temptations manifested in lewd calypsos and even more lewd pre-season parties, must be fought off valiantly by God’s people.

But these diversions must not distract us from our major goal. As the New Year celebrations morph into the pre-carnival activities, opportunities will present themselves which can be used for powerful evangelisation exercises. Let us not miss them. There will be the calypsos, the mas’ camp visits and the extended Panorama practice sessions by the steelbands.

As we too, enjoy these activities, we must remain aware of what we can do to make a difference. – Vernon Khelawan