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Buildings for the greater good – Oct 31

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By Vernon Khelawan

Two weeks ago, the Archbishop launched The Archbishop’s Appeal, which seeks funds to restore and modernise the minor basilica of the archdiocese – the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.

It is not only Catholics who recognise that the imposing structure, which has stood majestically in downtown Port of Spain for more than a century, is one of the country’s most cherished edifices and a declared heritage site.

Every year the Appeal will have a different theme. The theme for 2010-2011 is Let’s Build Up Our Church – a most appropriate theme, considering it’s the start of a new idea, which allows Catholics to look beyond the boundaries of their own parishes, towards the greater needs of the archdiocese.

blurb oct 31The question might be asked: What does a fund-raising venture have to do with the New Evangelisation? An immediate response would be “Nothing”. Let’s look again at the theme and it will be realised that in itself, the theme reeks of evangelisation – Let’s Build Up Our Church.

Catholics can imagine the power of the theme as family, friends, co-workers and even strangers are told about this drive to ensure retention of that piece of history of our country as well as the contributions made by the Church to national development.

Fr Joe Harris, in his address at the launch spoke about the “preservation of our sacred spaces” and lamented, “Many of our churches and chapels are in dire need of repair and no longer inspire a sense of awe and a sense of respect for the sacred.”

Fr Joe believes it is incumbent on our Church to do whatever is necessary to restore and maintain our sacred spaces, so that respect for the sacred can be restored and with that restoration, a respect for the sacredness of life.

So a refurbished “Mother Church” can go a long way in assisting in the New Evangelisation mission as it can assist in making our churches and other places of worship more people-friendly and worship-friendly.

Fr Joe left the gathering with this thought, “….It is not a question of buildings before people; it is a question of buildings for people, for their greater good and the highest values which we hold.”

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