Year of the Catholic Family extended – 3 Oct 2010

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Year of the Catholic Family extended – 3 Oct 2010

Year of the Catholic Family extended – 3 Oct 2010
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Saturday, 02 October 2010 13:07
The Synod Implementation Team (SIT), with the approval of Archbishop Edward Gilbert, has extended the Year of the Catholic Family to May 30, 2011.

Having reviewed the achievements of parishes and departments and the levels of learning in these areas, SIT and the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council agreed that it was more important to work through the plan for 2010, even if revised, rather than move on to the next theme.

To make full use of the period of extension, SIT has listed several suggestions to help parishes reach their goals. Parishes should:

· Take time out to evaluate the knowledge gained and projects undertaken;

· Celebrate both the small and large accomplishments of the parish;

· Reduce the number of projects originally planned;

· Study the culture in the parish and consider how it has contributed to, or limited the parish’s success. This should be done by the pastoral council and parish implementation team, and the two perspectives compared;

· Ensure SIT gets feedback by completing the prescribed form;

· Select a person to be responsible for communicating to the parish and the wider Church on the parish’s achievements; and

· Focus only on two projects for completion by May 30, 2011.

To support this initiative, SIT will appoint a link person in every vicariate with the responsibility of assisting the regional vicars in organising the vicariates while at the same time helping parishes in the pastoral planning cycle.

Parish priests are also being encouraged to tell their congregations, at their weekend Masses, about the responsibility of the People of God for the mission of the Church.

It is believed that these adjustments and initiatives will bring great benefits to the Archdiocese. Says Vicar of Administration and SIT Chairman Monsignor Jason Gordon: “By slowing the tempo down, evaluating where we are and celebrating the successes, we trust we will have enough encouragement, energy and goodwill to continue the journey.”

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