Archdiocese’s first directory – Oct 3

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Archdiocese’s first directory – Oct 3

Archdiocese’s first directory – Oct 3

By Vernon Khelawan

When the idea for an archdiocesan directory was first mooted at Catholic Media Services Ltd (Camsel), the most asked question was: What directory?

For a while it all seemed something far removed from the ordinary scheme of things.

Now that it’s been done and the directory is in the public domain, the kudos are coming in fast and furious.

The first Directory of the Archdiocese of Port of Spain is a professionally produced booklet full of diocesan information. But as Archbishop Gilbert wrote in his foreword, “Due to the inevitability of change, it will be revised every two years.”

He also pointed out that the directory would not only provide easy access to information about the administration and departments of the Archdiocese but will identify the multi-levelled pastoral ministries/services offered by the Archdiocese.

In a way therefore, almost anything you want to know about our Church and how it operates, can be found within the pages of the new directory.

Turning the artistically designed cover reveals one of the most comprehensive publications ever produced by the local Church. Turn the pages and the information flows out at you.

The advertisements which helped to defray the costs of the publication are all tastefully done and strategically placed on specifically chosen pages so as to lend a kind of sacred blend to the pages and information they carry.

Readers should enjoy the cover story on the Rosary Monastery in St Ann’s – a vivid description of life within the walls of this 79-year old institution.

Photographs or sketches of the Archdiocese’s past archbishops make for a great historic journey, as do the milestones of the Catholic Church in Trinidad and Tobago from the year 1498 to the present.

Apart from listing all the departments, offices, parishes, priests, religious orders, schools, ministries, retreat centres and social services, there is a comprehensive listing of each parish with its parish priest and other pertinent information: telephone and mobile numbers, e-mail addresses.

All in all, the directory is a truly interesting booklet and should be a must in most Catholic homes, more so for those who are deeply involved in parish work and for whom networking can be of invaluable help.

In his foreword the Archbishop wrote, “As the people of the Archdiocese become familiar with the directory, they will experience a justified pride concerning the extensive nature of the life and ministry of the Archdiocese of Port of Spain.

“Since all the elements of Archdiocesan life are staffed by dedicated people, I recommend that the people of the Archdiocese pray for all those who represent the Archdiocese to its people and to the nation,” he added.

His Grace also gave high praise to Msgr Cuthbert Alexander and his Camsel staff for their persevering commitment to this project and for “completing the meticulous work that is evident in this publication”.

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