Messages on the roadways – Sep 26

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December 18, 2014
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Messages on the roadways – Sep 26

Messages on the roadways – Sep 26

By Vernon Khelawan

The need for our Archdiocese to accelerate and deepen its evangelisation thrust has never been more important than now.

Real evangelisation cannot be truly delivered or achieved if the efforts are all burdened by various kind of regimentation. Catholic people must utilise every possible vehicle or tool they can lay their hands on to spread the Good News of the Lord.

Driving along the highway recently, it dawned on me there were so many messages being sent, graphically emblazoned across the bumpers and rear windscreens of thousands of vehicles, which daily use our roads.

Many of these messages take the form of bible verses, quotations, lines from the Psalms, excerpts of popular Gospel readings, catching the eyes of not only the other motorists using the roadways, but their passengers as well. Many times these messages generate a great deal of conversation.

Using this medium as a means of evangelisation can prove to be very effective should the messages be well thought out and aesthetically presented.

Since such an effort would not mean re-inventing the wheel, having regard to the fact that there are already thousands of messages rolling along our roads and highways, it would be necessary to ensure that any attempt to use bumper stickers or windscreens must be very real and attractive.

Given that our congested highways and roadways almost always allow for a lot of “staring” time, such a programme could prove to be very effective as we pursue efforts to realise the theme “Catholic Family: Become what you are”, especially when it so often happens that in many instances families are travelling together either to or from work/school.

In a sense evangelisation by bumper stickers could prove to be a very aggressive method for spreading the Good News and one which could produce results that might not even now be imagined.

So we can certainly bump up our evangelisation ministry by going with stickers.

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