Bright lights of Laventille – Sep 12

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Bright lights of Laventille – Sep 12

Bright lights of Laventille – Sep 12
By Vernon Khelawan

Following the release of the Caribbean Secondary Examination Certificate (CSEC) examination results recently, it was most comforting and hopeful to see two teenage students from the heart of crime-ridden Laventille, had achieved outstanding successes.

Aleks Hannibal, 16 of St Mary’s College and Chantelle Jacob, also 16 of St Francois Girls’ College who live at Pump Trace, Picton Road and Eastern Quarry respectively, were able to rise above the criminal activity which surrounds them almost daily to obtain results that would be the envy of youngsters being brought up in more affluent neighbourhoods.

Their achievements can be compared to the bright lights of the huge lighted star which stands on the Laventille Hill at Christmas time, casting a different aura on the troubled hill community, but which serves to infuse hope in passersby who gaze upon it.

A notable point made by the youngsters while speaking to the media was that God plays an important part in both their lives, which is complemented by a strong family life environment.

Aleks said he owed his success to the support of his family and his close relationship with God. “It took a lot of sacrifice and a lot of prayers. I did not do it on my own. My mom and dad would stay up really late with me…to keep me company. And God. Once you put your trust in God, great things can happen.”

Chantelle in her turn said her daily prayers played a big part in her success. “I believe God helped me through this.” She added, “Do your best to prove people wrong and with God on your side anything is possible.”

How’s this for evangelisation? I’m sure these teenagers must have made a great impact on their peers, not only in their neighbourhood, but in the many other depressed areas in the country.

Let us all respect these two young people and congratulate them on their accomplishments. Two teens who, in the midst of all that surrounds them were, with the help of God, able to rise to such great heights in their young lives.

Giving advice to his peers, Aleks called on them to, “Have a relationship with God. You cannot do anything without God.” What sound advice from one still so young.

Their achievements also say much for good Catholic schools and good family upbringing.

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