Directory can do wonders – Aug 29

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December 18, 2014
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December 18, 2014

Directory can do wonders – Aug 29

Directory can do wonders – Aug 29

By Vernon Khelawan

In short measure, the long-awaited Archdiocesan directory will be available to all. And while this concise 100-page booklet was not really intended as an evangelisation tool, if used creatively, it can do wonders in assisting in this area.

The full colour, well designed directory is aimed at allowing Catholics and others to reach their priests when needed, as well as making easily available the contact numbers and addresses of presbyteries, parish administrators and religious communities anywhere in the Archdiocese.

The question may be asked: How can a booklet of this nature, with names, addresses and telephone numbers assist in the important mission of the New Evangelisation?

Fact of the matter is that it can put you in touch with a priest or religious, who in turn can use this opportunity to evangelise troubled persons, estranged spouses, young people looking for direction or just frustrated and depressed people.

It is not unusual to find people all over the world and Catholics are no exception, who seek help from priests or other religious persons experiencing tough personal situations and really need help.

Counsellors can use this opportunity for evangelisation and possibly turn what might have looked as a lost cause into something good and admirable.

Since there’s no formula or recipe for evangelisation, the directory, laid out as a reader- friendly publication, can work wonders for people seeking help and looking for responses that can assist in changing their moods or situations.

If therefore, one can regard the new Archdiocesan directory as a tool for new evangelisation, this could add a completely new element in the evangelisation thrust of our Church community, especially as it relates to the Archdiocese’s theme for the year of the family and its specific call to all – “Catholic Family; Become What you Are”.

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