Doing it the tee shirt way – Aug 8

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December 18, 2014
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Doing it the tee shirt way – Aug 8

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By Vernon Khelawan

A few months ago Catholic Media Services Limited (CAMSEL), in an effort to promote in the Archdiocese the “Year of the Family”, decided on a campaign to make Catholics become more aware of that all encompassing slogan.

It was a simple project and entailed the production, for sale, of polo shirts emblazoned with the theme “Called to be Catholic” on the top left side of the shirt…close to the heart if I may.

The campaign went so well that the quantities were sold out twice and, given the chance there might have been a third order. What this tells the Church is that its people are not afraid to evangelise through the use of slogans displayed on wearing apparel.

It must be noted however, that spreading the word by slogans which dominate pieces of clothing is nothing new and is a method that has been used for decades and can still be used effectively.

Over the years the advertising industry has used this method with great success and the results always redound to the benefit of the various corporate entities. While it has to be understood the Church is not advertising any tangible product, the “polo and tee shirt messages” can really go a long way in spreading the word.

Long before the CAMSEL project, many ministries of the Church have been using this method as a means of attracting people to the organisations to which they belong, while at the same time delivering a subtle message to the people of God.

Many parishioners have seen evidence of this method of evangelisation at sports meetings, family days, the parish harvest event and even to mark the celebration of special days and the results have been encouraging.

When considering therefore, a means to renew the spirit of evangelisation in your congregation, and one that is acceptable to most people, some consideration could be given to the word on the tee shirt or polo. With the right message and attractive designs, evangelisation by tee shirts or polos can bring fantastic results.

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