Raising the bar on worship – Jul 4

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December 18, 2014

Raising the bar on worship – Jul 4

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By Vernon Khelawan

In his recent letter to the Archdiocese, Archbishop Edward Gilbert explained in some detail the administration of the new fund-raising drive of the archdiocese – the Annual Archbishop’s Appeal – mainly to assist in the renovation and modernisation of the Cathedral.

One might be tempted to ask what does fund-raising have to do with the New Evangelisation? A renovated and improved Cathedral church would obviously go a long way towards winning back the Catholics who are either taking a rest on the sidelines of the Church or who may have become disillusioned by the happenings affecting the Church worldwide.

It would be a great asset for Catholics to minister to family and friends; workplace colleagues and neighbours with the full knowledge that something positive was happening to our Cathedral church and which could go a long way not only in restoring the uniqueness and glory of the physical structure, but also the enthusiasm and fervour of the people.

It would be a great source of motivation to take up the challenge of New Evangelisation in the shadow of a beautifully refurbished cathedral, which by its very presence carries a strong message that our church is alive.

The call is further strengthened when Archbishop Gilbert said recently there was need to renovate other churches and presbyteries in several parishes and while these may not be historical buildings, they form an integral part of the public image of the Archdiocese and as such, “They also need serious attention,” he said.

While appealing for “prayerful support” from the entire Archdiocese and the pastoral leadership of parish priests and parish administrators, Archbishop Gilbert said, “We must move the Archdiocese forward as an effective instrument for ministry to the people and as a witness to God’s presence in the nation and the Caribbean Church.”

Just as the leader of our Church recognises the value and need for the Church to have a proper image, which can be achieved by creating healthy and prayerful environments conducive to meaningful worship, so must the congregation support him by ensuring that the houses of the Lord in the various parishes of the Archdiocese are kept in proper repair because this is important to the New Evangelisation.

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