Invitation to share ideas – 9 May 2010

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Invitation to share ideas – 9 May 2010

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The traditional Laventille devotions, which the Archdiocese uses to commemorate the apparitions of Our Lady to three children at Fatima, Portugal in 1917, and which take place annually on consecutive months beginning in May and ending in October at the Laventille Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima atop the Laventille hill, will this year take on a different flavour – that of New Evangelisation.

Organisers of the devotions have decided to highlight the Church’s theme for the year – Catholic Family; Become What you Are as a major part of this year’s devotions during the months of August through October.

To ensure this method creates the environment for ways and means of new evangelisation, the organisers are seeking the assistance of parishes or parish groups which have ideas relative to new evangelisation so they can be adapted to the specific devotions.

There might even be groups which have already successfully implemented projects related to the theme in their parishes and it is felt that these too can be shared with the thousands who attend the devotions.

The emphasis however, would be placed on new methods, new expressions or new zeal in the exercise of new evangelisation.

According to Monsignor Robert Llanos, Head of the New Evangelisation department of the Archdiocese, the New Evangelisation would have as its focus “entire groups of the baptised who have lost a living sense of faith or who no longer consider themselves members of the Church and so live a life far removed from Christ and his Gospel.”

Groups or others who might be interested in getting involved in the three months are asked to contact Fr Dwight at 786-7596 or Mr Edwards at 627-6370.

The first three months of devotions will be dedicated to the “Year for Priests” and Fr Joe Harris, Vicar for Priests will celebrate Holy Mass on May 16 to kick off Laventille Devotions 2010.

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