Youth pastoral – Jan 31, 2010

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Youth pastoral – Jan 31, 2010

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Written by Vernon Khelawan   
In its own way the Archdiocesan Youth Commission has put out a most ambitious Pastoral Plan in an effort to facilitate their efforts to share with the rest of the local Church in furtherance of this year’s Pastoral Priority – New Evangelisation.

The first phase of the plan is set up to deepen an understanding of comprehensive youth ministry and its potential impact on families, parishes and the wider community, which is in keeping with the theme – Catholic Family; become what you are.

Plans to conduct a survey which would identify the varying levels of youth participation in parishes, are now being finalised, as well as plans to produce a “How To” Youth Ministry Manual. The Commission will also commence a programme of visitations aimed at assisting in the rooting of comprehensive youth ministry in the parishes.

In a bid to train persons for teaching, there is planned, a Young Adult Youth Ministry Certification Programme aimed at developing a cadre of Catholic volunteers to implement comprehensive youth ministry through training programmes and Leaders’ Conferences. Training in this area is expected to begin in April.

To ensure their media unit is well-equipped, new equipment will be purchased, while the media team is undergoing training and development. The unit is aimed at creating a culture of dialogue for, by and with the youth and young adults through print and new technologies which will assist in communicating the many aspects of Catholic tradition.

And Tobago has not been left out of the plan. Efforts are now being made to find a location to establish an office there and hire staff. This effort has already found favour with Msgr Spence.

Plans are also afoot for a drama presentation based on theme “Catholic Family; become what you are”, as well as supplementation of Post-Confirmation Formation. In this effort they will be assisted by the Catechetical Office.

Also identified as a major project of the Commission is the development of a Retreat Team. This unit will have direct linkages with trained Spiritual Directors and priests of the archdiocese.

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