Going national with Catholic theme – July 5, 2009

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Going national with Catholic theme – July 5, 2009

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As we begin the second half of 2009, the mandate to all Parish Implementation Teams at this time is to ensure that the various parish groups and ministries seriously study and explore the theme Called to be Catholic.

But the theme, an invitation to live the Catholic faith with a fresh intensity, is too important to remain at the parish level and various plans are under way to take the message into the national sphere.

Camsel, the communication arm of the archdiocese, has recognised the importance of this message and in an effort to reach as many people as possible, has gone hi-tech. It has completed arrangements for the message to be flashed on two of the largest electronic billboards in the country – one in the north on Independence Square, Port of Spain and the other on High Street, San Fernando. These should be visible by mid-July.

The campaign will also include bumper stickers, some of which are already available, reverse stickers for the inside of vehicle windscreens, as well as stickers for homes of the thousands of Catholic families in the archdiocese.

There are also plans for the creation of large pennants, measuring 14 feet long by four feet wide which are be strung in high visibility areas outside parish churches.

To assist in the study and subsequent discussion of the theme, Camsel has also produced three high quality brochures, which reflect, in an abridged way, articles published by the Archbishop in March.

They are also titled “Called to be Catholic”. The first deals with our freedom as believers, while the second speaks to conversion and discipleship. Both of these are already in the public domain, while the third, which will be distributed on Sunday, July 12, deals with rediscovering the vocation to be Catholic.

It is hoped that these three documents will be used to stimulate serious discussions at all levels of the parish, as well as during chat sessions of individual families in their homes and even as subjects for special consideration during confirmation classes.

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