15 questions on survey form – Nov 15, 2009

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15 questions on survey form – Nov 15, 2009

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By Vernon Khelawan

November is already half way through and it is the hope of the Synod Implementation Team (SIT) that the Parish Family Census is underway in most, if not all of the parishes in the archdiocese.
The census is one of the 12 items which comprise the Parish Action Plan and has to be completed during the months of November and December. Since this exercise runs almost parallel to the completion of the Parish Pastoral Plan, the next six weeks should surely see an unprecedented rush of activity all over the archdiocese.

A quick peek at the survey form reveals there are 15 questions to be answered. Some of the more interesting questions seek to get information about internal family relationships, as well as the state of relationships with other families in the neighbourhood.

One question also seeks to ascertain how Catholic families live and behave as Catholics.

There are also questions pertaining to how the parish church impacts on the community in which it exists. The census also tries to determine the acceptability of the various programmes offered by the Church.
You are also being asked for your suggestions for ways and means in which the Church can better serve families in the parish.

While parishes are being urged to use the Arima model for conducting the census, that is not a decree, but it is felt that since that parish was successful in conducting the census, it might be wise counsel to follow suit.

However, parishes are urged to use any method that allows the exercise to be completed in the shortest period of time and in a most efficient way.

With just three weeks to go before the pastoral plans have to be delivered to Archbishop Gilbert, this is a reminder to all involved in that project to ensure that they are ready to meet the deadline.

Any parish experiencing difficulty with completing this project can seek assistance from the SIT through Shelley Enals at 789-2023 or send an e-mail to ]]> ]]>This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ]]>
Meanwhile the training for Parish Implementation Teams in the Northern and Eastern vicariates have been completed and re-invigorated teams are now busily engaged in preparing their pastoral plans.

Information for publication in Synod Corner can be sent to ]]> ]]>This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ]]> or call Camsel at 623-7620.

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