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Camsel projects – Sept 27, 2009

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In an effort to ensure that the mandate of Synod 2009 is effectively carried out and within the prescribed timelines, Catholic Media Services Limited (Camsel), the communication arm of the Archdiocese, was assigned certain projects all aimed at the successful implementation of Synod resolutions.

Camsel has completed a large percentage of its assignments and is assiduously working toward completing its other projects, all leading up to the roll out of the various pastoral plans officially due on December 8.

Immediately upon completion of Synod 2009, Archbishop Gilbert selected a Synod Implementation Team (SIT) which was charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the Synod decisions were implemented and within the approved timelines.

To set things on course was the scheduling of a series of Vicariate meetings to emphasise to parishioners the importance of implementation. Training sessions for the various Parish Implementation Teams (PIT) followed – both at the vicariate as well as parish levels – so that all involved in the process would be brought up to date on their responsibilities insofar as Synod implementation was concerned.

One of Camsel’s important projects was the re-issuing of three of Archbishop Gilbert’s articles, published in the Catholic News on the last three weekends of March, and which fitted well with the pastoral priority for the year: Rediscovering the Vocation to be Catholic.

These columns were adapted, redone and presented in three colourful and artistically designed leaflets in a Called to be Catholic series, with the titles: “Our Freedom as Believers”, “Conversion and Discipleship” and “Rediscovering the Vocation”.

These were distributed through the Catholic News and have already been discussed by many parish ministry groups. Copies of these leaflets are still available at Camsel offices.

Then came the great poster blitz – two large posters, one listing the 12 points of the Parish Action Plan and the other carrying the Mission Statement and resolutions endorsed at the Synod. These were sent out for display in the churches.

The boldest project to date, however, is the “What does it mean yo be Catholic?” ad carried on the front page of the September 6 Catholic News, and as full-page advertisements in the three Sunday newspapers on the same day. The same question has been asked in a large number of radio spots on several frequencies.

The most recent Synod-related project comes in the form of large, black and white vinyl banners which carry the question boldly printed: “What does it mean to be Catholic?” People have been invited to respond to this question at Mass in their churches, by mail to 2BCatholic, Archbishop’s House, 27B Maraval Road, Port of Spain and on a special blog

Still in the pipeline is the production of full colour banners bearing the message “Called to be Catholic”, to be hung in high visiblity areas in churches. This will be followed by the distribution of house stickers as part of the parish census project and reverse stickers for vehicles.

As December 8 approaches efforts are being geared towards training the parish implementation teams for the proper preparation of parish pastoral plans which will be unveiled on that date and which will serve as a launch pad for the 2010 initiatives.

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