Synod booklet – a must for home library – Sept 20, 2009

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Synod booklet – a must for home library – Sept 20, 2009

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In an effort to ensure that all Roman Catholics in the Archdiocese are well-informed about the Third Sitting of the Synod held last January, the Archdiocesan Implementation Team has published a booklet of official documents.

In its foreword, Archbishop Edward Gilbert wrote, “The documentation is for the people. It is especially for the people who were Synod members, for those who watched the entire Synod on television and for those who have accepted leadership responsibility to help implement the Synod.”

Archbishop Gilbert noted that one of the principal responsibilities of those in Church administration was to provide accurate documentation about significant events in the history of the Archdiocese. “The third session of the Archdiocesan Synod is one of those significant events,” he said.

The Archbishop said the booklet was not only for information and the records of the Apostolic Nunciature as a sign of communion within the Church or to the Executive Office of the Antilles Episcopal Conference as is required by Canon 467 of the Code of Canon Law, nor was it exclusively intended for libraries and archdiocesan archives.

The booklet, which contains all the pertinent documentation from the Synod, the Archbishop said, “Should be a part of the Catholic library in every Catholic home.”

The 60-page publication contains the Decree of Approval by His Grace, the Synod Papers on the three pastoral priorities and Synod implementation.



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