Carenage update – Aug 2, 2009

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Carenage update – Aug 2, 2009

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Several parishes have now worked out a programme of activity in keeping with the Action Plan set out by the Archdiocesan Synod Implementation Team.

Parish Implementation Team (PIT) leader in the Carenage Parish Delia Cherrie outlined, last week, the group’s progress as it pushes ahead to complete the 2009 agenda. The team has already convened three parish gatherings which discussed the content of the three brochures (condensed versions of the Archbishop’s column in the Catholic News last March) in a workshop-like setting.

The first action taken by the team was to make a presentation to the members of the Pastoral Council, outlining the Synod Implementation process. With the assistance of the slides provided by Msgr Jason Gordon when he addressed PIT members of the Northern Vicariate, the attendees were able to have a much better understanding of the entire process.

Following this, a similar presentation was made to ministry members outlining the mission, themes, pastoral priorities and ministry restructuring. Additionally, fliers with the Implementation logo and containing the mission statement, priorities and themes with their timelines, were distributed to parishioners.

The seven-member PIT has also met and viewed the DVD titled “Enriching Family Life”, allowing them to gain a better understand of how to incorporate the sub-theme of family in the implementation process.

Ms Cherrie gave some of her team’s plans for the remainder of the year. These include a renewal of the stewardship programme and viewing and discussing the Synod DVD on the pastoral priorities during planned weekly meetings. These activities are carded for next month.

In October and into November the parish census will be taken and the theme Vocation to be Catholic will be fully explored, with appropriate catechesis. A DVD on the theme, distributed by the Social Justice Commission, will be viewed.

Before the close of the year, the parish is considering hosting one of three programmes – the Life in the Spirit Seminar, Catholicism 201, or the Theology of the Body for Adults. The period will end with a Parish Retreat Day, which will include a reconciliation service.

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