A lot depends on leadership – July 26,2009

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A lot depends on leadership – July 26,2009

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Written by Vernon Khelawan   
Emphasising the need to understand the theology of the Synod resolutions Fr Joe Harris a member of the Archdiocesan Synod Implementation Team addressed, a meeting of members of a numberof Parish Implementation Teams (PIT) and members of Pastoral Councils last Saturday, July 18 at St Theresa’s, Barataria parish hall.

Fr Harris explained that synod implementation depended a great deal on leadership and the ability of that leadership at the parish level to effect serious change in the parish and by extension the community.

He said what defined people, was what they did most and added that the Church is defined by the Eucharist. He went further and stated that Eucharistic people work always for harmony and the vocation or purpose of the Church is to build and maintain harmony

The journey to harmony then is a journey which the Church by its very nature has to keep going.

Shifting focus to the Archbishop, Fr Joe explained that the task of the archbishop is to teach, sanctify and govern. The head of the local Church is responsible for all ministry in the archdiocese and the congregations (constituent Church bodies) are the archbishop’s helpers, so that whatever we do as ministry must fall into one of the three aforementioned tasks of the archbishop.

Fr Joe then spoke about the organisational structures of Church. The new model of Church represented by the Implementation logo moves from the image of boxes to that of streams of life-giving water flowing from Christ the source of all grace. All ministry is located in these streams and have the function of imparting grace.

A similar session will be held in Sangre Grande, August 8, for the benefit of all parishes comprising the Eastern Vicariate.

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