On the road to Synod 2009 (October 19, 2008)

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On the road to Synod 2009 (October 19, 2008)

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Traffic on the road to Synod 2009 is picking up speed as the meetings and discussions in the various vicariates are being successfully completed and whipping up some excitement at the same time.

Following from the meeting of vicars and delegates at Tunapuna last month, the first round of the five vicariate meetings have been completed and according to reports from the Synod Team, they achieved what they set out to do, since free and frank discussions prevailed at all the sessions.

In the next round of meetings, the Synod Team will meet with the vicars, parish priests, parish administrators, permanent deacons-to-be, parish delegates and principals of each vicariate, beginning with the Central Vicariate on October 25 at the Church of St Phillip and St James, Chaguanas, from 9.30 a.m. to noon. Meetings will continue on subsequent Saturdays until all the vicariates have met.

The Suburban Vicariate will meet on November 1, followed by the Southern Vicariate on November 8. The Northern Vicariate will meet on November 15 and the Eastern Vicariate on November 22.

These meetings will have as their major aim the refining of the proposed Mission Statement, since attendees will have the opportunity to make recommendations and suggestions. They will also look at the resolutions that came out of the 2006/2007 vicariate assemblies as well as issues arising out of the Mayaro conversation.