Planning the agenda (November 30, 2008)

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December 18, 2014

Planning the agenda (November 30, 2008)

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The pre-synod vicariate meetings have all been completed and the Synod Team, headed by Fr Allan Ventour, has nothing but praise for the attendance, enthusiasm and general outcome of the process.

Fr Ventour said, “We have now completed all the vicariate meetings and while all can be described as successful, the presentation of the Eastern Vicariate, held last Saturday at the St Francis Church, Sangre Grande, was indeed an eye-opener, with its power point presentation and long list of studied resolutions.”

He also paid special tribute to the various parish priests for the work they had done in encouraging the delegates to attend the meetings.

Rita Portillo, another member of the team described the series of meetings as “demonstrating the depth of the delegates’ involvement in the process” and admitted that they “gave valuable contributions to the Mission Statement.”

Fr Ventour said he was pleased with the general attendance at the meetings and the enthusiasm with which they were approached. He said all these things augured well for a successful synod in January.

The next step along the road to Synod 2009 is the meeting of the priests scheduled for next week, at which time they will deliberate on the reports of the meetings, as well as have discussions on the proposed resolutions.

Meanwhile the Team is working feverishly on setting the agenda and organising the budget for the two-weekend Synod.

Last weekend a special collection was made in all parishes of the archdiocese. Those figures are still to be compiled. But in the meantime persons wishing to contribute financially can send their donations to RC Archbishop/Synod, the Chancery, Archbishop’s House, Port of Spain.