Resolutions under review (December 7, 2008)

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December 18, 2014
Synod 2009 Gets Going
December 18, 2014

Resolutions under review (December 7, 2008)

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Preparations for Synod 2009 have swung into the homestretch and work is proceeding feverishly to ensure that everything is ready for the assembly, scheduled to take place at the Centre of Excellence, Macoya, beginning Friday, January 23.

Following the meetings and consultations held in the five vicariates and Tobago, the Synod Team has now received reports from all the vicariates and Tobago, including recommendations based on discussions at those meetings.

The team is also reviewing the resolutions, which have come from all the vicariates, with a view to refining them in readiness for presentation at the Synod.

However, even before the resolutions become final, there will still be opportunities for selected persons, including the clergy to assist in the refinement process.

Team Leader Fr Allan Ventour has voiced his pleasure at the way things have been going and in particular the response from the vicariate delegates and priests in so far as attendance and participation were concerned.

He also expressed satisfaction for the high standard of discourse during these meetings and for the enthusiasm and passion showed during the consultations.

Synod 2009 would also have been the focus of attention during a meeting of the Heads of Departments in the Church in Curepe last Thursday. Priests in the archdiocese will have their chance to weigh in on the Synod preparations when they meet on Thursday December 11.

Other components of Synod attracting the attention of the Team are finalising the budget for the event and ratifying the agenda for the two-weekend activity.

Although a special collection was made in all churches of the Archdiocese two weekends ago, persons wishing to make additional contributions can send their donations to RC Archbishop/Synod, the Chancery, Archbishop’s House, Port of Spain.