The Parish Action Plan 2009 – Apr 26, 2009

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The Parish Action Plan 2009 – Apr 26, 2009

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To ensure the timelines set out in its plan for fulfilling the mission of the Church are kept, the Synod Implementation Team has prepared the 2009 Parish Action Plan. The Plan, spanning Easter to December 2009, is aimed at engaging Catholics in the rediscovery of their vocation to be Catholic.

The first and urgent goal is for each parish to install its Parish Implementation Team, since the parish will depend on the guidance and support of the Team for its other activities.

Theme: The Vocation to be Catholic

1. Set up Parish Implementation Team
2. Study and discuss Archbishop’s columns* (published in Catholic News March 15, 22 and 29) in families, schools, parish groups, ministries and Confirmation classes
3. Parish Groups meet, study and discuss DVD presentations on three pastoral priorities
4. Conduct repentance service
5. Stewardship appeal
6. Reflection retreats on the theme
7. Restructuring to reflect the three priorities;
8. Use of programmes, including Alpha and Catholicism 201, to complement theme;
9. Prepare Pastoral Plan for offering on December 8, 2009
10. Initiate youth creativity competition
11. Conduct Family census
12. Leadership training for school leaders

*March 15 – Our Freedom as Believers; March 22 – Conversion and Discipleship; March 29 – The Vocation to be Catholic.

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