Good response to brochures – June 21, 2009

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Good response to brochures – June 21, 2009

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Roman Catholics in the archdiocese have responded positively to the brochures which have been distributed as an insert in the Catholic News over the past two weekends. The well-designed, full-colour brochures have provoked much discussion in several parishes.

The Archdiocesan Synod Implementation Team (SIT) sees the brochures as one of the tools by which the mandates of the Synod can be vigorously pursued. Parish Implementation Teams and pastoral ministries are encouraged to engage parish groups, and the parish community as a whole, in discussing the contents of the documents. It is hoped that the brochure will also be discussed at home, school and even at workplaces, where possible, so all may be able to benefit from the instructions.

Because there is so much to discuss and digest in the two brochures and recognising the challenge that arranging discussion sessions may pose initially, Camsel (Catholic Media services Ltd) with the approval of SIT has decided to delay the distribution of the third brochure until July.

It is hoped that this two to three-week respite will allow everyone enough time to properly deal with the first two documents, “Our Freedom as Believers” and “Conversion and Discipleship”. A limited quantity of these brochures are available from Camsel, 31 Independence Square, Port of Spain.

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