‘Things are working’ – June 28, 2009

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‘Things are working’ – June 28, 2009

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By now, most of the parishes in the Archdiocese would have put in train their action plans for the successful delivery of implementation of Synod resolutions.

Some parishes, however, are still experiencing some difficulty in getting things off the ground: they are being urged to continue making every effort to ensure implementation takes place.

The Synod Implementation Team is advising that the following steps be taken:

* Convene a meeting of all people involved in parish ministry;
* Create three clusters, one around each pastoral priority;
* Study the DVDs which explore the three pastoral priorities; and
* Begin working the parish plan assiduously.

The SIT is also advising that the need for resources in the parish for successful implementation should be made known, so that assistance can be arranged.

In addressing the last meeting of the SIT at Archbishop’s House on June 18, Monsignor Jason Gordon, who chairs the committee, described the overall position of Synod implementation as “things are working”. He also found that in most instances people were “very positive” about Synod and its implementation.

He disclosed that in early July the SIT would be undertaking a survey via the Internet, specific to Synod Implementation. He also requested that vicars talk to the parish priests in their vicariates relative to Synod and he also encourages parish priests to use the medium of their homilies to keep the interest in Synod alive.

Apart from the two brochures, which have been distributed as inserts in the Catholic News, there soon will be large banners emblazoned with the theme Called to be Catholic available to all parishes.

Meanwhile parish ministries are asked to read and discuss the brochures with their membership as the groundwork for better understanding of the work that has to be done by the Church. The third and final brochure will be distributed in two weeks.

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