Let’s look inside our homes – Nov 16

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December 18, 2014
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Let’s look inside our homes – Nov 16

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By Vernon Khelawan

Media reports over the past week or so about the behaviour of our children in schools may have set us thinking about where we are heading as a country. The situation, however, has been in the making for several years.

Maybe we missed those other media reports which put the adults at the source of this very behaviour which we now rush to condemn so vociferously. Let’s reflect a bit. Youngsters involved in criminal activity come from our homes. They are the sons and daughters of police officers, schoolteachers, senior civil servants, doctors and lawyers, successful business people and politicians.

Our society has become so steeped in materialism that it does not matter how things are acquired…just that they are acquired, making each of us ‘equal’ to the guy next door – the “me too” syndrome in its fullest expression.

Today therefore, when we read about violence in schools – students versus students, student versus teacher, parent versus teacher and PTAs – we need to walk back inside our homes and look around carefully for any signs that might indict us as irresponsible parents or guardians.

How many families today gather round the dining table and thank God for the meal provided? That would be a little difficult to do inside a fast food franchise, or while clutching a Styrotex container with food from a roadside vendor. But isn’t this the daily scene in many of our town centres?

How many of us encourage teenagers in late sleep-ins after Saturday night parties and relegate attendance at Mass or church service to a secondary Sunday activity? How many of us allow our teenagers to drink and drive? And how many of us violate road regulations while our vehicle is filled with tender-aged children on their way to school, instilling in them that breaking simple traffic laws is acceptable behaviour?

So let’s stop the charade. Shut off the crocodile tears. Stop the wringing of hands and questioning, ‘Where did I go wrong?’ While we go about our business looking for material success, our actions continue to dilute values and standards.

Please do not indulge in any ‘blind man’s buff’. Our society has become what we have made it.

Old folks’ wisdom: “So you make your bed, so you will lie on it.”