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Appointment of Lay Ministers
November 18, 2014
‘Things are working’ – June 28, 2009
December 18, 2014

Archbishop’s Official

I have had the joy recently of hearing some of the nation’s children sing Christmas carols and parang which capture the truth of the season we are approaching. These young, fresh voices add to the sense of hope that the current season of Advent invites us to recall and seize. The traditional songs, taken to heart, can also help us prepare for the coming season of Christmas.
I encourage you to revive the practice of creating an Advent wreath in your homes and, as a family, to gather weekly to light a candle, pray and share with one another what is in your heart. Do not let these grace-filled weeks go by without growing in your faith and love for one another.
Also, I invite you again to come to Archbishop’s House on Sunday evenings in Advent from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., starting November 30, to share this season with me and in community with others.
Archbishop of Port of Spain


9.30 a.m. Meeting of Vicars and Personnel Board at Archbishop’s House


9.00 a.m. Mass at St Mary’s College Chapel for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception
JANUARY – That our New Year resolutions be simple enough to be kept but profound enough to change our culture and our nation.
FEBRUARY – That during our preparations for Carnival we remember that while there is a place for merriment and joy in our lives Christian living has no place for vulgarity and lasciviousness.
MARCH – That our celebration of Lent bring us to that purity of heart which will allow us to celebrate the Resurrection, not only liturgically but in every aspect of our lives.

– That the Regenerating of the moral fibre of our nation may find added impetus through the graces won for us by the passion, death and resurrection of our Lord.

– That the Virgin Mary teach us how to love as she taught her son Jesus.
JUNE – That as students who are about to leave school contemplate and plan for their future, that their plans include a dedication to the poor and indigent of our land.
JULY – That the July and August vacation period be spent in ways which will contribute to the moral, spiritual and physical well-being of all those who partake of this period of rest and relaxation.
AUGUST – That all those who journey to other parts of the world, whether it be on pilgrimage or sightseeing or similar activities, be safe during their travels and come to a deeper encounter with God through their visits to Holy places or through their encounter with other peoples or nature.
SEPTEMBER – For all students at every level of education, that the new academic year which begins may see them growing in wisdom and grace before God and others.
OCTOBER – That we become more and more aware of the missionary dimension of baptism and confirmation.
NOVEMBER – That this month in which we celebrate the Feast of Christ the King may find all of us working to regenerate the moral fibre of our nation so that the Kingdom of Justice and Peace may flourish more and more amongst us.
DECEMBER – That the Father’s gift to us of his only Son may inspire us to live the generosity shown to us in that gift.