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Challenge one another - March 1 PDF Print E-mail

Regenerating the Moral and Spiritual Values of Our Society

By Vernon Khelawan

Indiscipline has been growing in this society for more than 25 of the 50 years of national Independence. Two recent incidents, in church at that, jolted me to the realisation of how bad the situation really is and, consequently, how humungous the task is for those of us working towards positive results of the Third Pastoral Priority.

March 1 - ARCHBISHOP'S OFFICIAL + PDF Print E-mail


As we continue on this Lenten journey, I invite you to enter into the season by attending one of the many retreats in parish communities across the Archdiocese. A schedule of retreats is listed on Page 4. I will this week lead the midday retreat for workers in the vicinity of Holy Rosary Church, Port of Spain, starting on Monday. Through these Lenten activities may we examine our spiritual lives and make the necessary sacrifices and adjustments to become true followers of Christ.
Remember to pray for your clergy, priests and deacons, not only because Lent is a hectic time for them but pray also for their own spiritual journey.

The leaders of our nation need constant prayer: pray for them that they may be obedient to God and make decisions for the common good.
Today’s Gospel reading speaks of the Transfiguration. May we be transfigured as a people during this Lenten season as we listen to and draw closer to Christ.


Archbishop of Port of Spain

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Lenten Retreats 2015 PDF Print E-mail

Lent image

What's Lent?
Lent is a 40 day period before Easter that commemorates the time Jesus spent in the wilderness. In the early church this was a time of preparation for those about to be baptised. Today it is more often regarded as a season of soul searching and repentance for all Christians when we prepare for the joy and celebration of Easter by giving ourselves an annual spiritual check up. It begins with Ash Wednesday and ends at sundown on Holy Thursday (the Thursday before Easter).
There are more than 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Holy Thursday. That is because early Christians never fasted on Sundays. They are are excluded from the days of Lent because they are always celebrations of Christ’s resurrection.

Homily - Ash Wednesday 2015 PDF Print E-mail

Archbishop Harris distributes ashes

My dear fellow believers in Christ Jesus,

I do hope that you all enjoyed your Carnival festivities whether this was playing mas or on the beach or quietly at home. Now we begin our celebration of Lent. This not a time to focus on the past, unless of course we do so in order to see the areas in our life in which we have to improve. This is not a time to lament the vulgarity and licentiousness in which some engaged over these days of carnival unless we are willing to be proactive and do something about it.

This is meant to be quality time in which we plan a future that is acceptable to the Lord.

Regenerating the moral and spiritual values of our society PDF Print E-mail

Cover of bookletIn 2009 we had the third sitting of the Archdiocesan Synod. There we came up with three priorities - the New Evangelization followed by the second, Revitalizing Catholic Identity and Culture. Now we are working on the third priority: Regenerating the Moral and Spiritual Values of our Society. These priorities are related. If our church is truly to become a source of love and life in our society, it has to focus on all three priorities.

These are the Guidelines for the Parish Pastoral Plan - download pdf 96k >>

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