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EVENT - Archdiocese's 164th Anniversary PDF Print E-mail

Mass to celebrate 164th anniversary

Homily - Chrism Mass 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Assisted by two senior altar servers, Archbishop Joseph Harris stirs oil in a vessel before its blessing.
Assisted by two senior altar servers, Archbishop Joseph Harris stirs oil in a vessel before its blessing.

Homily delivered April 14, 2014 by Archbishop Joseph Harris at the Chrism Mass at the St Benedict’s RC Church, La Romaine.

My dear brothers in the episcopate, my dear brother priests and other members of the clergy, my dear faithful of this Archdiocese of Port of Spain today we gather to bless the oils which will be used in the sacraments during the coming year and especially to support our clergy as we renew our commitment to priestly service in the archdiocese. Priestly service can be viewed in several ways and in the present age priests and bishops are viewed in many ways, both positively and negatively. That we be viewed both positively and negatively is to be expected.

Regenerating the moral and spiritual values of our society PDF Print E-mail

Cover of bookletIn 2009 we had the third sitting of the Archdiocesan Synod. There we came up with three priorities - the New Evangelization followed by the second, Revitalizing Catholic Identity and Culture. Now we are working on the third priority: Regenerating the Moral and Spiritual Values of our Society. These priorities are related. If our church is truly to become a source of love and life in our society, it has to focus on all three priorities.

These are the Guidelines for the Parish Pastoral Plan - download pdf 96k >>



JANUARY - That our New Year resolutions be simple enough to be kept but profound enough to change our culture and our nation.

FEBRUARY - That during our preparations for Carnival we remember that while there is a place for merriment and joy in our lives Christian living has no place for vulgarity and lasciviousness.

MARCH - That our celebration of Lent bring us to that purity of heart which will allow us to celebrate the Resurrection, not only liturgically but in every aspect of our lives.

APRIL - That the Regenerating of the moral fibre of our nation may find added impetus through the graces won for us by the passion, death and resurrection of our Lord.



I begin by extending condolences to the children and other relatives of former President Arthur NR Robinson. Let us also remember our brothers and sisters in Tobago who particularly mourn his loss. We are grateful for Mr Robinson’s immense service to his nation, the region and in the international sphere and pray that God will grant him eternal rest.

There will be the usual special collection at next weekend’s Masses for the archdiocesan clergy and I look forward to your continued generosity. Please keep in prayer those members of the clergy who are facing health challenges and let us continue to pray for vocations to the priesthood and religious life.

As we begin Holy Week, we are reminded of one of the greatest hallmarks of a leader – humility. As we make our way through the week, let us meditate on the humility of Jesus and how we can model this in our daily lives. Please enter into the Sacred Paschal Triduum as fully as possible, ready to receive the joy and fullness of life that await all who proclaim by their lives that Jesus is Lord.

Tomorrow (Monday, April 14), we will celebrate the Chrismal Mass in La Romaine at which our priests will renew their priestly commitment and at which the blessing of the oils will take place. I urge all parishes to send representatives.


Archbishop of Port of Spain

Last Updated on Saturday, 12 April 2014 22:14
Who’s fooling who? - Apr 13 PDF Print E-mail

By Vernon Khelawan

Maybe we need a few more Keith Patricks in this Archdiocese. From all reports, Keith, in a “tell it like it is” delivery at the Lenten Outreach Panyard Crusade in Petit Valley, set the tone for serious introspection by all Catholics as he waded into those lukewarm Catholics who go through the motions in an attempt “to mamaguy God”. This gives rise to the question: Who is fooling who?

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